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Small Town Business

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

The Small Town Business podcast showcases interesting tales and tips from brilliant and brave humans running businesses in small towns, regional and rural areas. Hosted by marketing expert Erika McInerney, Small Town Business combines interviews with small town business owners, and solo episodes with Erika who goes through the learnings and offers practical advice you can implement in your own small town business.

Who is it for?

Erika McInerney is a marketing and social media specialist. Erika coaches and mentors business owners, community organisations and leaders in regional and rural areas through her business - Mac&Ernie.

What's the job?

Small Town Business combines two differing episode styles: each interview episode is accompanied by a solo episode from Erika, where she drills down into some of the learnings and topics that emerged from the interview episode to provide tips you can implement in your own small town business.

How do we put it together?

  • Erika will record an interview and upload it to Google Drive.

  • I take the interview and perform noise reduction, edit and send it back to Erika

  • Erika will take a listen, and write and record the introduction.

  • Erika will write the show notes and provide the cover art for the episode.

  • I produce the final file, and upload to Jet Streamer's podcast host.

  • For the companion episodes, Erika will record her voiceover, which I will edit and add the music to before uploading straight into the podcast host.

  • Advertising in the podcast is done using the podcast host's dynamic audio insertion, meaning advertising is easy to change should an agreement change.

Visit the website at or follow Small Town Business on Instagram or Facebook.


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