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Make the Shift

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

Shift work can be tough on your mental health. But there are ways for shift workers, and their employers, to protect shift worker mental health and make shift work better for everyone.

Produced as part of the Working Well in Wellington Toolkit by Wellington Primary Care Partnership, Make the Shift has expert interviews, tips, and ideas that help you and your colleagues work better, beyond the nine-to-five.

Who is it for?

The Working Well in Wellington Toolkit was developed as a mental health toolkit for workers in Wellington Shire, in my home region of Gippsland. The program was produced in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria and Gippsland Primary Care Partnership.

What was the job?

Gippsland, and especially Wellington Shire, where the program was based, has an economy that relies heavily on shift work. From offshore oil and gas workers who work on rigs in those same Bass Strait waters, to food industry workers making cheese and other dairy products from the many dairy farms around here, plus corrections workers in Fulham, and your usual swathe of nurses and police members. Shift work can be tough enough when you're a shift worker in the city, but in the country, where there's no 3am 7-Eleven runs to be had and your drive home after being awake for 24 hours might be rudely interrupted by a wombat... well, that's even more of a challenge.

Make the Shift was produced to help educate shift workers and their managers on ways to help improve mental health amongst Wellington's shift working population.

How did we put it together?

  • Gippsland PCP put together a team of experts to interview about relevant topics to put in the podcast.

  • I put together a comprehensive plan for the podcast, and a comprehensive plan of each episode including what we would cover and who would be involved.

  • I conducted remote interviews with the experts, working from our questions in the podcast plan.

  • I created a script for the final podcasts including voiceovers and relevant quotes from each of the interviews.

  • I recorded the voiceover and edited the final audio production together, including providing music and sound effects.

  • After the final file was approved, I wrote the show notes and uploaded to Jet Streamer's podcast host.

Take a listen!

Check out the finished podcast below! And check out the rest of the toolkit at

Want to create a bespoke podcast for your next project just like Make the Shift? Get in touch!


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