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Philanthropy Australia Podcast

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

The Philanthropy Australia Podcast is the destination for those interested in the issues, the debates, and the thinking around philanthropy. In each episode, we'll bring you a short discussion about what's engaging the nation's philanthropists, and those in the 'for purpose' sector. Whether it's a discussion about what it means to be a philanthropist in Australia, guidance to improve your giving practise, or information about PA's signature thought-leading events, this podcast is for you.

Who for?

Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy. Members include trusts, foundations, families, individual donors, professional advisors, companies, intermediaries and not-for-profit organisations.

What was the job?

PA's podcast includes a combination of straight interview and narrative style features, so depending on the episode planned there may be a script to work off with various grabs to insert and put together, or an interview to clean up and "top and tail"- insert music and an intro/outro.

What did we do?

For an interview podcast, the process was:

  • PA sent over the raw recording of the interview and a recorded introduction via WeTransfer

  • I perform noise reduction, edit and mix the interview, and clean up and insert the provided introduction, outro and music.

  • Completed podcast is provided back via WeTransfer for upload by PA.

For a narrative podcast:

  • PA sent over the raw material via WeTransfer, often a narration and three or four speakers.

  • I performed the various noise reductions for each file, then imported and cleaned up each.

  • Audio was edited as per the script supplied by PA

  • Audio was mixed and then the final podcast was supplied back to PA for upload.

Find out more about Philanthropy Australia at


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