• Chris Plumridge

Client Success: Philanthropy Australia

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What do you think of when you think of Shepparton? For many of us, it's the home of tinned fruit. Or maybe it calls to mind what seems like hundreds of colourful fibreglass cows (not kidding). But in this podcast produced for Philanthropy Australia, Jet Streamer had the privilege of telling the story of Shepparton's amazing response to the coronavirus crisis. It's a story of communities coming together in trying times, and it's one that's perfect to lift your spirits as we continue under the COVID cloud into 2021.

Late in 2020, I was approached by the folks at Philanthropy Australia to edit and mix a documentary-style podcast, called "Collecting Communities- Delivering to those in need". It tells the story of how two foundations, the Greater Shepparton Foundation and the Fairley Foundation, responded to the (then) emerging threat of coronavirus, and its impact on the vulnerable members of the Shepparton community. It was a wonderful story of community resilience and unity, and underlined the importance of speed and compassion in responding to such an emergency. Philanthropy Australia's podcast host Nick Richardson had done an admirable job in assembling and interviewing a number of the major players in Shepparton's coronavirus response and creating a script to tell the story; now all that remained was to put it together.

After receiving the raw files, the first task is always a rough cut to make sure we have enough material to tell the story effectively to the audience. Nick had done such a great job with this script, that it was easy to put a rough cut together, the slightly more difficult part now being the task of editing audio from two interview sessions with four speakers each, along with some further individual interview sessions. The interviews themselves were edited for flow and brevity: some interviewees featured in the podcast were relatively inexperienced which meant there were a couple more "umms" than usual to edit out! However the end result was fantastic, with everyone being perfectly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the role they had to play in the story.

The interviews themselves were conducted on location- great for bringing the listener into the story, but not necessarily for acoustics. To reduce the background noise a little, the edit was run through noise reduction software to reduce hums, clicks and echo before the rest of the mix could begin. To further enhance the "storytelling" aspect, a few background sound effects were added to really sell the story, and music was chosen to suit the theme.

From there, the sound was processed to achieve intelligibility and quality, with the final file being mastered ready for iTunes and sent back to the very happy client complete with iD3 tags.

A big thank you to Philanthropy Australia for letting us participate in telling this story. Take a listen to the finished product below, and find out more about Philanthropy Australia at philanthropy.org.au.