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Hire Dinosaurs

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

Animatronic dinosaurs! A bit different to the usual podcast stuff I usually do... but I guess just goes to show that there's no job too unique that I won't have a crack at.

Who for?

Hire Dinosaurs is the UK's largest and most realistic walking dinosaur and Jurassic themed experience.

What was the job?

We've crafted various pieces of audio for stage show elements, involving music and LOTS of roar sound effects! As well as providing the voiceover, I'll create a soundscape to bring the dinosaurs to life when they're on stage. Crunching sound effects, moody jungle atmospheres... it's all there to make audiences gasp at these magnificent prehistoric creatures.

What did we do?

Our working methods have refined over the while we've been working together, but it will usually involve:

  • Hire Dinosaurs providing a script and/or video of the show, plus any specific sound effects to use.

  • I create the voiceover, and edit and create the soundscape that accompanies it, using the cues provided in the script.

  • Final files are sent through to the client, and we make any tweaks necessary to ensure that the stage show runs smoothly.

To see more about Hire Dinosaurs, or to book them for an event (if you're in the UK), then visit


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