Pre-Flight Check

It's a big wide world of podcasting out there, and it can be hard to navigate sometimes.

Let's get a flight plan together to help you through it.

For podcasters

just getting started.

Equipment. Guests. Recording. Hosting. Interviewing... and that's even before you've decided what to talk about!

The pre-flight check is a tailored, one-on-one discussion to step you through everything you'll need to think about before you start your podcast. Unlike some other podcast consulting sessions, we'll place an equal emphasis on getting the content of your show sounding slick and smooth, as well as the technical side. We'll even work together on creating a workflow that means you spend less time editing, and more time running your business. Of course, if you'd like to focus on one area in particular, that's up to you!

Pre-Flight Check

Let's give you a solid, tried-and-tested plan so you can launch your podcast with confidence.



The Pre-Flight Check includes:

  • A 60-minute consultation session, covering topics like:

    • How to optimise the format of your show.

    • The equipment that's best suited to your show, not a cookie-cutter solution

    • Basic hosting techniques to get you confident in presenting your show.

    • Creating a workflow to make sure you're producing your podcast in the most efficient way possible.

Got an area you'd like specific help with? Be sure to let us know when you enquire!

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