• Chris Plumridge

Jet Streamer Podcast: What's the most important piece of podcast equipment?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Episode number three of The Jet Streamer Podcast is now a go, and it's a good one even if I do say so myself... because put on your lab coats, kids, we're doing some experiments!

We're looking at the most important piece of podcast equipment- the room, and how you can make yours better for little to no money.

What's the most important piece of equipment for podcasting? It's not the microphone, it's not the recorder... It's the room you're recording in! The room you record in has a huge impact on how intimate your podcast sounds, how engaged your listeners are, and how easy your podcast is to listen to. So how do we improve this? Firstly, your room needs to be quiet. Find the quietest space you can find. But if you record in a particularly noisy area, constant noise is better than intermittent noise. Why?- it's easier to edit. You don't want to have background noise cutting in and out with every cut. You can do things like turn off the fridge and the a/c to help with this. Secondly, your room needs to have as little echo as possible. It's easier to edit, more intelligible, and more intimate if your voice has no echo ('dry' in audio terms). You can achieve this with soft furnishings, carpeted floors, wall hangings (blankets, etc), or grab some couch cushions and build yourself a vocal booth!

You can use noise reduction programs to help with this, but be careful! We do a couple of experiments in this episode to show you why.  --RESOURCES--

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