• Chris Plumridge

Jet Streamer Podcast- I released my podcast, what now?

After you release your podcast to the world, it's time to start the real work- making sure that your listeners know about your podcast and want to listen to it! Marketing your podcast is super important, as it allows your ideal listener to find your podcast and allows you to get the most value possible from the time you put into making your podcast. We cover:

  • Finding listeners for your podcast and making sure you don't end up with a "Billboard in the Desert!"

  • Converting your customers (and prospective customers) into podcast listeners.

  • Marketing tactics both specific to podcasting, and more generally.

  • Connecting with the great community of podcasters in the spirit of continuous improvement.

--RESOURCES-- To help kick-start your podcast, you can submit your podcast to be featured in Apple Podcasts' New and Noteworthy (or other lists). Instructions Give your podcast a page on Podchaser. It's like IMDB for podcasts and will allow people to find and review it outside of the traditional podcast distribution platforms. For some Facebook groups to join, consider Helen Zaltzman's excellent Podcaster's Support Group or Podcast Movement's Podcast Movement Community. --ABOUT JET STREAMER--

The Jet Streamer Podcast aims to help business owners and entrepreneurs use podcasting to connect better with their audiences and prospective clients. Each week we cover an aspect of podcasting to make sure your podcasts are engaging and thought-provoking, for whatever your target audience might be.

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