• Chris Plumridge

Jet Streamer Podcast: How do I change my podcast host?

You might switch podcast hosts for a number of reasons. Whether it's that you've outgrown your current hosting plan (maybe your podcast is awesome and you're getting too many downloads?!) or you're not happy with your current podcast host, switching can be a little intimidating. In this episode, we go through the considerations before you switch, the process of making the switch, and some pitfalls of switching- some things that might catch you out. None of the brands mentioned in this podcast have given us a cent, so all the opinions in this podcast are completely genuine.

--RESOURCES-- Haven't found your new podcast host yet? Check this article on jetstreamer.com.au on the best podcast hosts. One thing I neglected to mention in the podcast is that you will lose your podcast stats, including number of downloads. Make sure to export or print that data so you don't have to start your all-time downloads from zero again! Check this article from Buzzsprout out about transferring your podcast from Buzzsprout. How's that for customer service?


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