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Crime Stoppers Victoria: Let's Talk Scams

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

To raise public awareness about financial scams and promote conversation around this issue Crime Stoppers Victoria teamed up with Victoria Police and BankVic to produce a new podcast, Let’s Talk Scams, as part of the Crime Stoppers Victoria podcast.

Who is it for?

Crime Stoppers Victoria prevents crime through community education, and help solve unsolved crimes by collecting information from the public confidentially.

What was the job?

The episode was an interview recorded by Crime Stoppers' Lexie Jeuniewic, who sat down with Detective Superintendent Jane Welsh of Victoria Police’s Cybercrime Division, and Scott Wall, Chief Information Officer at BankVic, to have a wide-ranging chat about all things scam prevention.

How did we put it together?

  • I sat down with the CSV team beforehand to discuss the best method of recording, and gave some suggestions on some things to look out for while recording to improve the final result.

  • CSV then went away and recorded their episode, before sending the raw file to Jet Streamer for editing.

  • The audio file was edited to remove any false starts, mistakes, gaps, etc, and background noise was reduced through noise-reduction processing.

  • After editing, the sound was mixed together to ensure clarity and ease of listening.

  • As part of this project, CSV were also looking to replace some of the idents they'd been using in their previous podcasts, to come up with a more cohesive audio branding. We put together a package of intro, outro and bumpers that can be used in future in CSV podcasts.

  • Both the interview and the final files were provided to CSV for them to upload and to use in future podcasts.

More info:

To see more about how the campaign looks and where the podcast fits, check out the campaign page on the Crime Stoppers Victoria website.


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