• Chris Plumridge

Client Success: Crime Stoppers Victoria "Let's Talk Scams"

According to the ACCC’s Scamwatch, Australians lost more than $114 million to financial scams this year. Let’s Talk Scams’ is a campaign from Victoria Police and Crime Stoppers Victoria encouraging the public to talk to their family and friends about scams. A podcast was the perfect way to share scams information in a personal, relatable and non-judgemental way.

Scams are an unfortunate part of life online, and I'm sure everyone has got a story about a friend (or themselves) who's been targeted by a scammer. Whether you lost money or not, it can be a potentially distressing experience to go through, and the shame of someone 'pulling one over on you' unfortunately carries with it a bit of stigma, and therefore a reluctance to talk about it.

Which is unfortunate, because talking about it is one of the things that can help the most in getting people to identify a scam before it happens to them.

To raise public awareness about financial scams and promote conversation around this issue Crime Stoppers Victoria teamed up with Victoria Police and BankVic to produce a new podcast, Let’s Talk Scams, and Jet Streamer was once again brought in to bring the podcast to life. A podcast really is (in my humble opinion) the perfect medium for this sort of thing: a potentially confusing and complex topic, including its associated stigma, can really be broken down by experts in a really relateable and personable way. Certainly more so than a youtube explainer video or a 30-second TV ad.

The episode was recorded by Crime Stoppers' Lexie Jeuniewic, who sat down with Detective Superintendent Jane Welsh of Victoria Police’s Cybercrime Division, and Scott Wall, Chief Information Officer at BankVic, to have a wide-ranging chat about all things scam prevention. Once the recording was finalised, it was sent to Jet Streamer for a polish before the final release.

What we did:


Before the initial recording, I sat down with the CSV team to discuss how they might like to record the discussion, and some things to look out for while recording to improve the final result. CSV then went away and recorded their episode, before sending the raw file to Jet Streamer for editing.


Once the recording was made, it was off to Jet Streamer for a clean-up. You would be surprised how much cleaning-up even the best recordings go through before they get released. Lexie herself is an ex-TV journalist and really knows how to present, plus she was interviewing some great, well-spoken guests who gave fantastic well-rounded answers. But even so, every sentence gets cut up, gaps shortened, false starts removed, filler words taken out, to create a really slick final product. It's a fine balance to walk, and you can do too much editing and make everything sound robotic, but considering that even the best, most beautifully-presented hour-long podcast ends up at least six or seven minutes shorter by the time this process is done... you can see just how much gets taken out to give your listener a slick, well-paced podcast.

After the edit process comes the mixing process, where we remove noise and echo from Zoom recordings, equalise, compress, and generally make everything nice and clear, and pleasant to listen to.

Imaging Package:

As part of this project, CSV were also looking to replace some of the idents they'd been using in their previous podcasts, to come up with a more cohesive audio branding. CSV's podcasts are a diverse bunch covering a whole range of topics across the gamut of crime prevention from scams to theft to bushfire arson to prevention of violence against first responders, so in order to make their future episodes a bit more cohesive we put together a package of intro, outro and bumpers that can be used in future across all of those diverse topics. Although it's quite a diverse range of themes, one common thread throughout all of CSV's work is 'keeping Victoria safe', and so we put together a voiceover, music, and some very 'Victorian' sound effects including a tram, a football game, and a coffee machine! The result is a distinctive audio 'package' for the content that lets you know immediately you're listening to a Crime Stoppers Victoria podcast.

More info:

To see more about how the campaign looks and where the podcast fits, check out the campaign page on the Crime Stoppers Victoria website.