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First Responders: Australian Stories

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

What is it?

For First Responders' Day, Crime Stoppers Victoria teamed up with the Motorola Solutions Foundation to help highlight incidences of violence against first responders. Jet Streamer was lucky enough to be the podcast producer tasked with making it happen.

Who is it for?

Crime Stoppers Victoria is an organisation that many people would be aware of- or at least aware of their counterpart in another state. Their job is to prevent crime through community education, and help solve unsolved crimes by collecting information from the public confidentially.

What was the job?

This latest podcast project is designed to highlight crime and violence against first responders. The podcast is designed to help people see through the eyes of first responders: to see what they come up against and understand how they work to serve the community.

How did we put it together?

  • CSV sourced interview talent, and together we had a couple of initial meetings regarding the theme and tone of the episodes.

  • CSV host Ella conducted the interviews, and provided the files along with a few notes for guidance as to what they would like to include.

  • I wrote a voiceover script that was approved by CSV and then voiced by Ella to be added to the podcast and to tie all the interview grabs together.

  • I took the recorded voiceover and the scripts, and edited and mixed the final file which was provided to CSV for them to publish.

The Finished Product

The full series comprises four episodes, incorporating interviews with eleven representatives from emergency services including Victoria Police, Fire Rescue Victoria, Ambulance Victoria, SES, ESTA and others. It launched on Thank a First Responder Day, the 9th of June 2020.

The Client

Crime Stoppers Victoria CEO Stella Smith had this to say:

"Chris clearly understood our objectives to engage audiences with Crime Stoppers and to give front line emergency personnel a voice in community to talk about their everyday challenges. Chris was quickly able to identify the core components of interviews and produced content aligned to the brief. He did a fantastic job weaving 12 interviews into 4 concise podcasts that received great feedback from first responders and the broader public."

Find out more and listen to the podcast at the Crime Stoppers Victoria website.


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