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Podcast Rescue

Oh no! You've just listened back to your recording and... well, you need some help. 

But don't worry!

Mistakes happen to the best of us.

Oh no! You've recorded your podcast, but there's a problem. Maybe it was the fridge humming in the background. Maybe it sounds like you recorded in a bathroom (or worse, you DID record in a bathroom!). Maybe there was a dog barking in the background. Or maybe your microphone placement wasn't exact and your guest sounds a little further away than we'd like. All of those things can distract your listener from your final message, and cost you hours (and dollars) to re-record or fix. 

But don't worry. We can help. 

We'll get you back on course.

Whether it's that hour-long interview with a high-profile guest, or a live event, or even just an episode you worked really hard on, sometimes you can't ask for a redo when your audio comes out less-than-perfect. 

In that case, we'll help you rescue your audio, plus help you avoid the same mistakes again.

Podcast Rescue:

We'll get your podcast back sounding great, and prevent the same thing from happening again. 



Our podcast rescue package includes:

  • The cure:

    • Your file (up to 60 minutes' runtime) run though our professional noise-reduction software to reduce unwanted background noise.

    • Other post-processing to further rescue your audio.

  • AND the prevention:

    • ​A 30-minute virtual consultation, where we discuss your recording setup and technique, and make sure you don't run into the same problems again. ​

Other consulting services:


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