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Everything you need to know about podcasting, from the basics to the advanced. 

Elevate your podcast knowledge

The only thing between you and the audience you deserve is the knowledge to get your story out there. 

We've got the right skills all in one place, right here. Whether you're a beginner podcaster or someone who's looking to take the next step, our courses are the perfect solution for getting your skills up to scratch. 

Our courses are delivered online and at your own pace. With access to our Jet Streamer podcast knowledge, it's the perfect way to expand your horizons. 

Podcast Workshops


Want to start podcasting but have no idea where to start?
This will teach you everything you need to know to produce your first podcast!

Learn how to:

  • Plan your show, making sure it's engaging and listenable

  • Use recording equipment to get great sounding results

  • Speak with confidence and ease

  • Edit your podcast like a pro

  • Publish your podcast and get it out to the world!

One session, two hours, presented at the MAST in Warragul, VIC.

Upcoming dates: 

  • TBA

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Presentation Skills

Looking to hone your presenting skills and become a podcast star, or just been 'roped into' hosting your podcast?! Become a podcast presentation pro with this course!

Learn how to:

  • Speak confidently and clearly

  • Practice good microphone technique

  • Create a basic voiceover

  • Conduct an engaging interview

  • Speak succinctly and save yourself hours in the edit!

Two sessions, 90mins each

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