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Giving you time to focus on your content, and your business.

Freedom to create.

We'll let you get back to more important things, like running your podcast... or your business!

No matter which editing solution you choose, you can relax knowing your podcast is being looked after while you take care of business. 

Every file that comes through our (virtual) door gets checked and triple checked by an editor with professional broadcast experience. Unlike some other editors, we don't just slap an audio preset on and hand it back to you- all our podcasts are edited individually, to make sure your work sounds as good as it can possibly be.

Check out our packages below, or if you're after something specific, get in touch directly

Editing Packages


  • Process up to 60 minutes of raw audio

  • Noise reduction to remove most pesky background noise.

  • We'll add your pre-produced intro and outro, but leave the rest of the editing up to you

  • Audio mastering to conform to your podcast host's standards. 

  • iD3 tagged Mp3 file.

  • Confirm before 10am AEST for same-day processing.

Great for hobbyists who need a little bit of help.

We leave the dialogue up to you, and give your audio the final professional touch.


/hour of audio


Ready to take that next step?


We'll edit the dialogue for you to make you sound like a genius.

  • Process and edit up to 60 minutes of raw audio

  • Basic editing (see below) of up to 3 tracks/speakers.

  • Add your pre-produced intro and outro music. 

  • Audio effects to make your show sound great.

  • Noise reduction

  • iD3 tagged Mp3 file

  • 1-2 business day turnaround.


/hour of audio

Business Class

Now we're really flying!

For the really smooth-sounding podcast, this is the solution for you.

  • Process and edit up to 60 minutes of raw audio.

  • Professional editing (see below) of up to 3 tracks/speakers.

  • Add pre-produced audio elements including audio on location, ads, imaging...

  • Audio effects to get you sounding great.

  • iD3 tagged Mp3 file, plus archival-quality WAV file

  • 2-3 business day turnaround.


/hour of audio

First Class

Got something special in mind?

We can help you get to where you want to go.

  • All your editing and sound processing needs covered, including production music, voiceover and sound effects.

  • We'll work with you to design something special. 

  • Turnaround time depending on project scope. From an interview series to a documentary, we've got it covered!


Click here for a downloadable PDF summary of all our services.

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Free Consultation.

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Frequently asked questions

What's "Professional" editing?

A professional edit (like in the Business Class package) goes through your podcast with a fine-toothed comb and makes your show as easy to listen to as possible. In addition to taking out all the 'umms', 'aahs', other filler words, vocal stumbles and mistakes, we might also drop a sentence here or there to ensure the pace of the show is kept up and your audience is engaged right the way through. Though the overall length of your show can often be reduced by up to 20%, your audience will love the slicker, more polished product. Professional editing requires an experienced editor to go through the whole show (often multiple times), so it's quite labour-intensive, but we think it's well worth the result. For cost-conscious podcasters, check out our Economy package which includes basic editing (below).

What's "Basic" editing?

In order to keep the cost down for more budget-conscious businesses and podcasters, we've added a basic editing option. Although it's not quite as thorough as our professional edit, it's less time-intensive (and therefore a little less costly) and still gets you great results. This tier level includes basic cleanup of all the big gaps, plus a limited number of "timecode edits" (i.e. you might ask "at 12 minutes and 47 seconds, can you remove the sentence that starts by saying..."). It won't sound quite so polished as a professional edit, but it's a great starting point.

Do you remove all the "um"s and "aah"s?

Short answer is no, but there's a good reason for it. Umms, aahs, and other, "filler" words ("er", "uh", "you know", "like", "sorta") are natural human speech, and we use them all the, like, time, you know? In order to make you sound like a human being and not a robot, sometimes we will leave in one or two in order to make you sound natural. This is where our editor's experience comes in, as a good editor knows the difference between a good "umm" that acts as a bridge to help the conversation flow, and a bad "umm" that just becomes annoying.

Do you do publishing as well?

Not yet, but soon! If you're interested in having your show published, with show notes written and the show uploaded to your favourite podcast host, contact us and you'll be first to know when we go live.

Can your noise removal remove..._________?

Can noise removal remove the hum of an air conditioner or fridge in the background or a slightly echo-y room? Probably. Can it remove a barking dog, your neighbours fighting in the next apartment or a cement mixer? No. If you want to learn more, Chris did a podcast episode where you can actually hear the difference. As with most things, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you take advantage of a free consultation where we can talk you through recording in the correct way.

Need help


One off project? Need just a little bit of help? 

We're standing by ready to go! Just get in touch at info@jetstreamer.com.au and we'll be right back to you with a solution.

And remember, if you're recording and things have gone badly wrong, there's always our Podcast Rescue!