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Podcast Production

Find out how we can help you lead, influence, engage, or champion your cause.


Mix and match any of these services to suit your campaign, your organisation, or your story.

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Where does podcasting fit within your story, organisation, or campaign? What do you want your podcast to achieve?

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Assistance with recording, either in-person or remotely. Either supporting you to DIY, or handling the process for you.

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Help with planning production, recording, finding guests, and making the whole process smooth. 

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Audio Editing

Once we have a recording, it's time to edit the story, get rid of the 'umms and aahs' and get them sounding their best.

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What do you say? Scripts written and optimised for broadcast, and if you need a voiceover that can be arranged, too.

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What good is a great podcast if no one's there to hear it? Get your podcast on the internet and out to the world. 


Ready to go? Need more info? Get in touch today for a bespoke solution.

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