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Podcast Imaging, Assets, and Branding

Create a memorable audio identity.

Take your podcast to new heights.

You're our friend. And friends don't let friends use music they ripped off of YouTube to introduce their podcast!

Instead, we can create a bespoke audio brand for you. Sometimes called "imaging" in the radio world, a package of pre-produced audio that gives your podcast its own identity will leave an indelible mark on your listeners and have them dancing for joy when your theme song comes on. It's what gives your podcast its brand, helps set the tone, helps make your show memorable, helps you structure your show, helps you promote your social media, introduce your hosts, introduce your guests, create fun regular segments...

You spend so much time and effort on your visual brand, why not treat your audio the same?

Take a listen:

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Imaging Package:

Everything you need to get your imaging ready to go.



  • A show intro to put the audience in the right mood for your show

  • A show outro to wrap up your show, and remind your audience to subscribe, to visit your website, follow you on Twitter...

  • Two mid-show "bumpers" to divide your show into easily digestible parts. Check out this blog post for why that works to help you retain listeners. 

We'll help you with scripting, arrange a professional voiceover from a voiceover artist, add some licensed music, and licensed sound effects, before giving it the final professional touch and sending it over, ready for you to slot straight into your favourite editing software. 


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