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Take your show and your presenting up a notch with our one-on-one podcast coach. 

Your personal podcast coach.

If you're a professional radio host, it's likely you've had one or more air checks with the boss of the radio station. Now you can get the same experience for your podcast. 

An air check is a one-on-one coaching session. Alongside ex-professional radio host Chris Plumridge, (who has been through plenty of air checks himself!), you'll get one on one time with an impartial, experienced host with honest and actionable feedback to make your show shine. 

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Navigator Check

Just like a professional radio host, you'll get personalised feedback on how to improve your hosting, your content, and your show, plus practical, implementable tips on how to work on it.



The Navigator includes:

  • Chris will take a listen to one to two episodes of your podcast (you choose which ones). 

  • You get a written report with feedback and actionable areas to improve. We'll focus on your show, your presenter style, or both (depending on where you'd like feedback).

  • You have the option of a 30-minute video call (conducted via Zoom) included to go over the feedback and discuss ways to improve.

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