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About Jet Streamer

Jet Streamer?

A good podcast can change the world, but there's a problem. 

Plenty of podcasters with great stories to tell are being held back. Held back by lack of knowledge, the intimidation factor, lack of time, and sometimes just plain old bad audio quality. So instead, the top of the "most popular" charts features people off the TV, or people with a big podcast network to back them up. And we think that's wrong. 

Podcasting is one of the most democratic media forms there is, and it should stay that way.

So Jet Streamer was born. 

Jet Streamer gives entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools they need to connect with their audiences through podcast. Training. Professional audio engineering services. Advice they can rely on and trust, not just the opinion of someone off the internet. 

You've got something to say. Now let's take it to the next level. The sky's the limit. 

Chris Plumridge

Founder/Audio Engineer

I created Jet Streamer to do one of my favourite things: help entertainers, storytellers, educators and entrepreneurs find their audience. I got frustrated with seeing all the wasted energy that entrepreneurs and small businesses were putting into podcasts- only to end up with a bad-sounding result that didn't connect with their audiences. 

I've  been making podcasts since back in 2009 when my final-year university assignment featured a 40-minute radio play-style comedy-drama featuring a superhero working as a windscreen washer (don't ask!). After studying Commercial Radio at Swinburne University I worked at radio station Magic 89.9 in Port Lincoln, South Australia, hosting the breakfast show and holding down a busy production department. I interviewed some pretty big names, worked on some pretty big projects, but my top achievement? Making the moody teenage work experience kid laugh at one of my station promos! 

Moving back to Melbourne, and completing a Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering I worked as corporate sound roadie, did location and post-production sound  for a heap of independent films, and was the "Crime Stoppers" guy on 3AW radio in Melbourne on a Saturday morning. I've worked in PR, plus I've worked as a journalist covering motorcycle racing (that's not related, I just really like motorbike racing).  


I'm proud of the way I can blend the technical side of audio with the more esoteric production and presentation aspects of podcasts, thanks to my media and PR experience. Handy, when your job is helping people create podcasts!

When I'm not heading up Jet Streamer you'll find me arguing on the internet with other Formula 1 fans, on a bike ride enjoying our beautiful South Gippsland home, or swearing loudly on the golf course with my partner Kate. 

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