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About Jet Streamer

You want to know who you're entrusting your podcast to, right?

Jet Streamer founder Chris Plumridge

Hey there!

I'm Chris Plumridge, the founder of Jet Streamer.

It's no secret that I love podcasts. But there's a problem.

You see, so many for-purpose organisations have great stories to tell. These organisations tackle tricky issues, work with interesting people, start hard conversations, and broaden people's knowledge every single day. Podcasts are the perfect medium for that

And podcast audiences are crying out for great stories, too. They want stories with social impact, stories that encourage them to think, to explore further and to understand more deeply. 

You'd think that was a match made in heaven, right?

But for a multitude of reasons, many social impact organisations don't podcast. Whether that's lack of time, confidence, knowledge, resources... there's a barrier there that's waiting to be broken through. 

So let's break through it!

Sound mixing desk

Podcast production

Concept, scripting, editing, recording, production, voiceover, publishing... it's time to bring your idea to life!

About me:

I've worked in communications in the for-purpose sector a long time. I've worked with audio even longer.

I love being able to combine those two things to help for-purpose organisations break the barrier between themselves and a successful podcast. 

In my "audio life", I have:

  • Been a professional radio host (with my own show!)

  • Appeared regularly as a guest and spokesperson on radio (I was the 'Crime Stoppers' guy on 3AW for a while...).

  • Been an on-set sound recordist for film and TV, and handled post-production for film, TV, radio, and podcast.

While in my "not for profit" life, I have:

  • Worked across for-purpose and not-for-profit organisations in sport, youth and crime prevention; in both communications and community engagement. 

  • Written grant applications, funding acquittals, campaign proposals, communications plans... and all the other fun stuff that comes with NFP comms!

So in short, I think I'm the perfect person to help you get your story into a podcast. And plenty of others would agree

I am also proudly based in regional Victoria (in beautiful South Gippsland) where my partner and I live, work, ride bikes, shank golf balls into dense bush, and mosey through Saturday markets looking for cheese.


Ready to go? Need more info? Get in touch today for a bespoke solution.

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